#officialMBmusic is the third and last studio album by American boy band, Mindless Behavior. The album was released on June 24, 2016 (which was EJ's 18th birthday). After 2 years of constant group changes and their original third album "Recharge" not being released, this is the official third album that was released. Also, making it the first album to feature the band as a trio and the official one to feature new members, EJ and Mike. The album has been supported by three singles, #SongCry, #iWantDat, and #OverNightBag. Upon release, the album reached #1 on the iTunes R&B/Pop Charts.

Description of the AlbumEdit

As Princeton stated the album gets it's name because they want everyone to know that the current music they're making is their "official" sound since they are older, experienced a lot of things in life, because of a lot of the changes in the group, and to show this is who they really are and what MB stands for.

Track ListingEdit

  • 1. #iWantDat (featuring Problem and Bad Lucc)
  • 2. #FreaksOnly (featuring Bad Lucc)
  • 3. #Lamborghini
  • 4. #Blur
  • 5. #DanceTherapy
  • 6. #Better (featuring KR)
  • 7. #OverNightBag
  • 8. #1UCall
  • 9. #ComeUp
  • 10. #SongCry
  • 11. #Muzik

Bonus TracksEdit

  • 12. #11's
  • 13. #MyBad


  • This is the first album to feature a sub-lead singer which was former band member Mike.
  • This is the second album to feature new members, EJ and Mike as their original third album "Recharge" wasn't released.
  • This album is the first album to be released on a band member's birthday, the first and only being EJ.
  • This is the first album to feature a more mature sound with explicit lyrics.
  • This is the second album not to be feature original members Prodigy and Roc Royal.
  • This is the first released album not to feature original member Ray Ray as his last album was the unreleased third album "Recharge".
  • This is the first album to feature the group as a trio.
  • This was the first album to feature original member Princeton having a verse on almost every track throughout the album.
  • This is the first album to feature every track beginning with a hashtag due to the band being the #2 most trending topic on Twitter.
  • This is the last album to be released by the group.

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